Scholarships for Women

This web site lists more than 100 undergraduate college scholarships and graduate fellowships for women. In addition to using these lists of scholarships, female students should use a free scholarship matching service, such as, to get a personalized list of scholarships and fellowships that match their background. A personalized list of scholarships and fellowships will include all awards that match the student's background, not just those that are gender-specific.

Odds of Women Winning a Scholarship

Women are more likely to receive college scholarships than men, especially in fields of study where women are underrepresented, such as science, engineering and mathematics. For example, 13.1% of women in Bachelor's degree programs received a scholarship in 2011-12, compared with 10.6% of men. This may be due, in part, to women graduating from high school with a higher GPA.

Women are also more likely to receive graduate fellowships (5.5% vs. 5.2%). However, the greater odds of receiving private fellowships for doctoral degree programs (8.2% vs. 6.3%) and professional degree programs (12.4% vs. 7.6%) are offset by the lower odds of receiving funding for Master's degree programs (4.3% vs. 4.9%).

Although women are more likely to win private scholarships, they are also more likely to graduate with excessive debt than men (29% vs. 24%) because they receive lower income after graduation. The average income for women during the year after receiving a Bachelor's degree is about one-fifth lower than the average income for male Bachelor's degree recipients. This pay gap persists four years after graduation. Women also graduate with about 6% more student loan debt and are 6% more likely to graduate with debt. So, women must devote about 2% more of their monthly income to repaying student loans, putting them under greater financial stress.

Scholarships for Women by Category

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